First off it is a blessing moving forward in 2016 with the same amount of success we had from a very fast-paced and amazing 2015. We saw a tremendous amount of growth in the company and it's a beautiful thing. The acquisition of numerous apartment complex's and a big upswing in the number of homes to go along with a fabulous new office building topped off a great finish to the year. Why is this a wonderful thing? This allows us to better serve anyone and everyone searching for a home or apartment unit throughout the OKC metro. With our company assets doubling in 2015, we now have a surplus of homes and apartment units readily available to you; and these are not just your normal run of the mill units. We remodel and update all properties to better suit your living needs and conditions, all while continuing to stay very affordable to the competition. Not only has our assets doubled, but we have had numerous additions to our staff as well. We have multiple departments, specifically set for each field so we can provide top-notch service, leaving nothing unaccounted for. 

With that said we are beyond excited to be moving to our new building located at 6001 NW Expressway, now visible to nearly 75,000 cars on a daily basis. Primed for another big year, this move will be very beneficial to the company as well as the public. The office is the old location of the "Oklahoma Educators Credit Union" building, right behind the First Fidelity Bank on Wilshire & NW Expressway. Currently under construction, our building is noticeably different as it has been gutted, new red and black roof siding has been installed, a beautiful new front glass entry-way and TBG sign with an LED board below, all highlight the additions that continue being made the our new corporate office. The building will be sleek, elegant, modern and technologically advanced to give our staff all the functions and capabilities necessary to serve you with 100% customer satisfaction.

In the meantime, we will be at our current location aggressively buying, remodeling, leasing and selling homes and apartments. Stop on in or give us a call if you are seeking to lease, LTO or purchase your dream home. We acquire numerous properties every month, so keep checking back to see if we have a home for you! houses all of our rental properties. Their you can find all properties and fill out an application to be approved for one of our homes.