Everyone knows the top 5 home renovations in a house start with the kitchen and bathrooms. But if you didn't, you do now! Below is the list of these, in no particular order. 

  1. Kitchen - This space is one that will always be at the top of new homeowners lists when buying or on a current homeowners list of what needs to be updated/remodeled. full gutting or starting from square one and replacing the little things such as cabinets, handle and counter-tops are good for starters if your budget isn't big enough to incorporate all your desires immediately. If you do have a budget work with, a kitchen island is always an eye pleaser and is good for extra space during family holidays and get togethers. Increasing the kitchen size will always add value and come off more appealing. 
  2. Bathroom - For beginners, bathroom additions can start small such a new bathtub or vanity. You can also knock out a wall to create additional space, if that is space is their of course. 
  3. Income suite (guest room) - Such a room or den can deliver serious money when you go to rent it out. This can be costly, but eventually it could pay for your mortgage, create positive cash flow and become a selling pointe. 
  4. Floors - This is simple (so they say). Choose durable and lasting floors that you think will go good with the surroundings and appealing to future homebuyers. Don't ever go with something that only you like and only you want. That will be a negative for future selling. 
  5. Fixtures - Simple little fixes can make a big difference, eye wise. Replacing handles, faucets, shower heads, fans, lighting fixtures, etc. can be that little touch that makes something pop or stand out more clearly. Yes, this can be expensive so make sure you shop around before making a hasty decision. You want these to go with multiple things in case you decide to do more remodeling down the road. Just keep that in mind before you go all out on the little things that add appeal to the bigger projects (cabinets, counters, vanities, etc.)