THUNDER UP!! Has this year been crazy or what?! With all the 4th quarter disasters we've had this year, who would have thought our beloved Thunder would be in the current position they are in right now. WOW! Have they amazed us all or what? Or were you just one of those skeptics that thought they would turn it around come playoff season and this is something you knew would come to fruition?! Anyways, that's a whole other topic. The Thunder, and I'm sure with all it's fans wanted a rematch with the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs; because who doesn't want redemption? After losing all three regular season match-ups, due to late mistakes and execution blunders that had more to do with what Oklahoma City's wrongdoing more than what the Warriors had done right, it seems all is well as they stole game one on the road Monday night on Golden State's home court.

Game 2 is tonight at 8:00pm on TNT and ALL of Oklahoma will be anxiously and happily waiting for the Thunder to see what the Warriors will do differently game 2 and if it will work or not. Although it is not in our favor to win 2 in a row against the Warriors, which they haven't lost back-to-back games all season long, why not have faith and hope for another road win. Besides, who predicted that comeback win after being down double digits on the road!? Just have faith we can do it again with less mistakes and who knows what could happen. Regardless of a win or lose, OKC has 2 Thunder home games to look forward too. Again, regarding a win or lose, who couldn't be more proud of our beloved basketball team! After all we weren't supposed to beat the Spurs, let alone in 6 games and here we are. Lastly, win or lose, just think of how much recognition, business and popularity Mr. Donovan, Durant, and Westbrook are bringing to this beautifully thriving city! IT IS AMAZING what sports can do for a city and state. Oklahoma City has fully embraced the Thunder as they have put our city on their back and carried us to new heights. Looking back, it sure is a beautiful sight to see how our city has transformed and is still on the rise as many more companies and people in general look to make their new home in Oklahoma. 

So, to wrap things up, LETS GO THUNDER!! OKC is good enough to win game 2, 3, and 4, but they have to play flawless to do that! It's not impossible. Never say never. Game 3 and 4 will be ours for the taking and all of our city is so ready! So get loud Oklahoma, because you know when they come to visit our city it's going to be the loudest its ever been! Thunder can win this series if they take care of the ball, Durant and Westbrook play smart and as we have been doing, keep domination on the boards. GO THUNDER, BEAT THE WARRIORS!