Durin the timespan of August up until now, Oct. 2nd, The Brown Group has seen a steady rise and fall of homes in our possession. At our low, TBG has had as few as 4 homes, which at one point was nearly tripled towards the 3rd week of September, to see our list shrink back down to our current number; 4 homes for rent with 1 being for sale. Yes most of these are rent homes, but that does not negate the fact that at one point we had about a dozen homes, which shrank down to 4 in a matter of a couple weeks time. Our homes move quick! Our minimal app fee of only $35 dollars to go with affordable monthly payments on every home is the main reason. Not to mention, every home we lease or sell is modern and updated in some way, shape or form. We strive to improve the living situation for the residents of OKC and we achieve that by remodeling and updating all of our homes. We do inspections on all of our homes to make sure they are up to code and quality standards. We will work with you our around your current situation to help get you the home you want to rent or purchase. TBG has maintenance tech's that respond quickly to all repairs or problems, completing them in a timely fashion. We want you to feel comfortable in the home you are living in and will do our best to accommodate your living situation. In the near future we will acquire more homes, but like before they are more than likely to be rented or sold in a matter of days due to the quality of the home and the fairly priced monthly payments. So next time you are in search of a home, be sure to make The Brown Group Real Estate your first stop! We always have beautiful homes and if we don't have what you want we can help you find what you are looking for. Follow us on social media to stay current on all things related TBG.