As we move into the 2nd quarter of 2016, we look forward to the trend continuing upwards like last quarter. We have enjoyed a very busy past few months and this growth trend doesn't appear to be slowing down. Just this past month, the owner and principal director, Mr. Brown sold 4 beautifully remodeled and updated homes in a span of 10 days. This type of success does not happen to everyone, so we are grateful to experience the growth within as we continue to serve Oklahoma City.  Like the 3 homes in the picture, all of our homes receive the common and necessary updates before we list them on the market. We make sure every single home sold is up to code and move-in ready upon purchase so the buyer is worry-free and can live happily. As our company grows our work is more prevalent and on display for all to see. This means more affordable houses, beautiful homes and a prettier city for the residents. We are happy to be a full service premier real estate company in Oklahoma City and strive daily to provide all residents with a home to enjoy and love for years to come.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as recently sold another to-be beautiful home in Midwest City before we even started construction. People understand the quality work we put in every home and due to this we have seen an uptick in the demand of our homes. As we are in the second quarter of this year we always look to outperform previous accomplishments and goals as we beautify the city one home at a time. Our passion is to see you live comfortably in a beautiful home. We hope to serve many more residents in 2016 as our ambitious approach to acquiring more inventory and remodeling all homes is prevalent. To best serve the residents of this lovely city and be one of Oklahoma's premier full-service real estate firms we will not settle for average or let anything slow us down from achieving our goal. Were poised for a big years as we continue at full speed down this path. Be on the lookout, The Brown Group will soon be a name known by all.