When it comes to real estate investing and not knowing how to begin, you're definitely not alone.

Ever want to get started investing in real estate? Check out this interview with a veteran real estate investor -I have been wanting to do some real estate investing for years, but just haven't gotten around to it yet. We all have our excuses don't we? But a friend of mine, Brandon Turner, is part of the largest real estate investing website out there (BiggerPockets.com), has been investing in real estate for years, and really is a great teacher and communicator. So, I figured who better to ask some questions to....

People say "I have been wanting to do some real estate investing for years, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet.", I would love to invest in real estate, but I'm just not sure about it since the market always fluctuates." or "Investing in real estate is too complicated, I'll just buy stocks and bonds instead." We all have our excuses don’t we?

If you really are serious about real estate investing here are a few ways to help you get started asap.

BiggerPockets.com is the largest real estate investing website out there and is a great resource for getting started today. Research and find out if this is something you're really wanting to do before taking the plunge. This could be a huge investment and depending on how you handle it you could come out way on top or sink in heartbeat if you don't take thorough steps. Take you time and know any and all information before you invest in a company. NEVER act hastily when it comes to investing! Just like car shopping, search thoroughly before you make your final investing decisions; this will either sink or grow your savings dramatically. 

Take our company for instance. Investing in The Brown Group would be nothing but positive. Our company has been in business for over a decade and has grown dramatically with no signs of slowing down in the future. For example, in the last 4 months alone our CEO, Mr. Toby Brown, has purchased then leased and/or sold over 100 units here in Oklahoma City. This includes but is not limited to condo's, duplexes, multi-unit apartment complexes and homes ranging from 1-5 bedrooms. Therefore investing could be a great new adventure for you if you are ready to take that leap, which is a huge factor. You have to be 100% willing and ready. Without that determination, a company may sense your insecurities and seek investments elsewhere.

Below is a video on investing in real estate and how to get started.

In the interview below a series of questions were asked for the curious wannabe investor. These are pretty common questions that beginners typically wonder about.

  •      What type of real estate investing do you recommend to beginners and why?
  •      What made you take the leap into REI?
  •      Answer this question once and for all – can you invest in a property with no money down?
  •      When looking for good properties, are there any rules of thumb that you follow to identify a good investment property?
  •      With there being so many real estate investors out there, do new investors have a chance to snatch up a winning property?
  •      How does a new investor minimize risk?
  •      Do you recommend that new investors use a property manager?
  •      If you were talking to your younger self – say right when you started- what books, resources, would you recommend?

Watch The Interview Here:


Click here for some helpful books on how to get started in real estate investing.

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