As we have moved in and settled down in our newly remodeled corporate office, we have sold our first home since the move on Monday. This is just the beginning as we continue our momentum in expanding in our new location and throughout Oklahoma City as well; we have planted our roots in a bustling, up and coming, popular area to better serve our tenants and future business partners. We have been and will continue to be your premier, one stop shop for all your real estate needs. Read up on us and see why we continue to grow, strengthen relationships and expand our reach further across the metro. As our company continues to grow, evolve and make our presence known across this beautiful city we call home, more and more residents choose us to fulfill their housing needs and become a clearer choice for many as the go-to premier real estate company in town. Thousands of residents and perhaps even some of your neighbors have chosen us for their purchasing, leasing to own, leasing and property management needs. As 2833 Lancaster Ln., a lovely 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom remodel has been sold, we have plenty more homes and apartment units available for you. These properties are all just as beautiful as the last, give you peace of mind living, comfortability and a house to enjoy for years to come. 


So if you even have the thought of purchasing, leasing to own, leasing a home or need proper management assistance, you shouldn't hesitate to call us. We are your friendly, talented professionals that know the in's and out's of this city when it comes to real estate. Do yourself a favor and pick up the phone, call 405.607.1311 and see what TBG can do for you. This will be a decision you will be glad you made. We have leasing agents and Realtors's motivated and ready to put you in a home you want and only what you want. Who knows, maybe this decision can change the rest of your year or better yet even shape the rest of your life. After all, if you don't seek, you won't find. Give us a chance to earn your business and prove why we are the premier real estate company in Oklahoma.