July Real Estate News

   The month of July, based on statistics has been primed to be better than last month along with July of 2015. That is awesome news for the main fact that real estate continues to steadily rise and continue to keep it's head above water in the marketplace. List prices rose about $7,000 dollars from the previous month as well as 100,000 more homes sold than June! This is not only good news for the real estate market, but for the country as a whole. Knowing that you can fetch more money for your home is a good incentive to sell if you're contemplating. Yes, you may pay more to purchase the home you want, but you will still be able to get a good rate on your interest loan as those are climbing as well, just not to excessive heights like those pesky recession days. 

Keller Williams did a short infographic video displaying the statistical findings. Click the link below and watch the video. 

Real estate for July, 2016