Stepping into 2017, you’re probably feeling the need to press ‘refresh’ on your normal routine. Start by looking around your house. If you find that you have clothes splayed around the house, your children’s toys thrown everywhere, and the general look of untidiness, then it might be time to adopt a method of home decluttering.

According to recent studies, the connection between clutter and your brain’s ability to process information is shown as being detrimental. Clutter distracts you, making it difficult to focus on tasks. You become frustrated when your mental resources are worn down by the abundance of distractions. Feelings of guilt, anxiety, and even depression can arise.

We understand that the time to prioritize your life starts with the home, so we’ve taken the liberty of creating a visual guide that breaks down some simple tips for decluttering and destressing your life. Using this systematic approach, you might be able to renew yourself and happily live in bliss!