Growing a garden can be done in different seasons, not just Spring. Rejoice! You can produce fresh vegetables, vibrant colors, and an amazing view in Fall, just like Spring. Knowing where, how and what needs to be done in order to have a lush, vibrant Fall garden can be hard, so check out this guide provided by Courtier's Real Estate blog

They explain "when to start", "what to grow", the necessary "watering routine" and how to keep those annoying pest out of your garden. 

  1. Before you start, count back 12-14 weeks from the first Fall frost. This is the approximate time to begin your planting duties. The soil needs to be diverse in order to have good healthy plant growth. Plant in the same area you did your Spring garden since the nutrients are already set and the Fall plants will absorb the nitrogen already present. This will give you a good head start for next year! 
  2. What's tasty in the fall you ask? Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, and kale. Fall vegetables such as arugula, mustard, and turnips are also plant worthy. Vibrantly blooming plants such as Michaelmas Daisy, the Blue Mist Shrub, Turtleheads, and Chrysanthemum’s are going to give you the Fall pop to make your bed stand out and make your friends and neighbors complimenting you left and right. 
  3. Watering routines are always important for growth. Dry soil is bad soil, so make sure you pay attention and keep them wet/moist. Stick your finger in the soil to get a good gauge on how wet or damp the soil is. The weather may affect the quickness of growth, but just be patient and don't over or underwater. 
  4. Protection From Pests will keep food on your table. Grasshoppers, worms, and cabbageworms will be attracted to the plants and veggies, so to protect your hard work and the deliciousness of them, spray or build a bug barrier. Ask a local expert on what is necessary to keep the vibrant and lucious plants coming back year around. 

Who doesn't love a vibrant yard or mouth watering veggies?! So put a little work into your garden or flower bed and make the neighborhood envy of your skill and hard work!