It's always an exciting time in real estate when new buildings begin development, time tables are set, ground breaking occurs and then the grand opening happens! For all those art students, art connoisseur's, young and elderly adults that are interested in art, this will definitely be a place to learn, grown and enjoy some magnificent work. 

From the contemporary art website, the new building is set to begin groundbreaking construction next week on the 28th of September. The $26 million (yes that is expensive!) campaign to fund this is half-way complete, hopefully getting all the funding and seeing this through until the end. From the looks of it (read the entire story by clicking the above link), this building will be a one of a kind magnificent design, expecting to draw in an estimated 75,000 people annually. The 4.6-acre arts campus will be home to a new 50,000-square-foot building, a renovated 10,000-square-foot building, a three-block arts park and space for outdoor exhibitions, education programs and public performances. Who wouldn't want to go check that out!! This is great news for Oklahoma and the economy as we continually show signs of building, growing and leading the way into the future. 

Plans to open the magnificently designed art campus is set sometime in 2018. This will impact the state tremendously, as the arts and culture industry currently brings in approximately $314 million  for the Oklahoma economy yearly, all while employing 10,000 citizens. Just think of the possibilities and how much more of an impact this soon to be huge campus will be for the state and especially here in our lovely capital, Oklahoma City. Read up on the story and get all the insights, along with a short video of the art campus.