Have you wanted to make your backyard your little oasis or getaway; something like a home away from home feel? That always makes it better when you have that feeling that you are away, yet so close to home all you have to do is get up and walk back inside to be back in reality. Below are just a few tips and ideas you can use to potentially make your backyard your own playground, paradise or relaxation station all in one. 

  1. Do you have trees? Are they nearby? If so, you can use wood or clothesline type material and hang then pin sheets like material to create a shaded area such a outdoor deck. No it may not be super fancy, but hey it's your yard! 
  2. Are you in possession of outdoor furniture? Great! Put those chairs, table and or furniture stand underneath the shaded area (wooded or cloth covering) to enjoy the cool breeze out of the sun while enjoying refreshing drinks and snacks. 
  3. Do you own a radio? Of course! But if not, go get one to keep you company out there! You can also use a bluetooth speaker and connect your phone to it this way you don't have to worry about carrying inconvenient speakers or radio equipment. 
  4. Pool? Yes a pool. Do this nearby your above or below ground pool to enjoy the shade after taking a dip.
  5. Do you have more trees around your backyard? If so, consider adding a swing to the tree so you can have a peaceful swing after work; or maybe to entertain your kids. 
  6. Do these trees have 2 or more branches nearby each other? Get some sturdy, industrial rope and tie each one around the branches. Get some sturdy cloth to make your own hammock. (old towels or new material, whichever you prefer). Tie to the top and you have a home made hammock. Or an even simpler way is to take multiple towels or sturdy cloth material and tie a lot of them together to loop around each tree limp so you can have multiple hammocks in your yard for friends and family to enjoy with you! 
  7. One other idea is to make your own wooden spike throwers to have a game of darts in backyard; unless you just buy a dartboard and nail it on the tree or fence. Boring! Making things on your own is much more fun. If you have pencils you can get started immediately! Sharpen your pencils, edge a cutout in the middle of another pencil big enough for space to insert the other pencil. Next tie yarn around the spot where you put one pencil inside the cutout part of the other one to make a star-like pencil spike. Then you can just buy balloons and use a thumbtack to stick to the tree. Now you can enjoy a little game of target practice or balloon popping in your own backyard. 

Yes their are tons of ideas, but these are just a few to help you get motivated and started on making your own backyard paradise. Like mentioned before, who wants to have other people do it for you when you can create it and build up this paradise space on your own! Check out the links below for more information and ideas on how to build and create these on your own.