Change is inevitable, it can't be stopped. In comes The Brown Group. Over the last 4 months our company has and continues to grow every day, month by month. Over the last month we have built up a strong, dedicated team of Realtor's. To guide and grow this team into the future, we added a very talented Broker Associate, Anita Land, to handle this department within our company. With plenty of experience to guide and direct our team of 7 Realtor's, we fully expect it to equal among the leasing side of the business in the upcoming months. This will be another challenge we look to conquer as we progress through the year. More great things from this will come soon and when it does, we will definitely spill the beans.


Alongside the aggressive approach of going full fledge with our Real Estate team, we have also began to build up and open the door to managing numerous properties, filling our portfolio. After all, we are a one-stop-shop for all real estate related needs. Property Management fills in that blank. To be the best full service real estate company in Oklahoma City, all of our departments have to be superb. That is where our team of Realtors and the Property Management portfolio complete the circle, strengthening The Brown Group overall.